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“Rethink” called for on outdoor hospitality

THE WELSH Conservatives have called for a “rethink” on outdoor hospitality after yet more scenes of anti-social behaviour and large gatherings across Wales.

Under Labour’s current plan, outdoor hospitality will not reopen in Wales until April 26, but the Welsh Conservatives believe this should be accelerated.

Commenting, Welsh Conservatives’ shadow economy spokesperson, Russell George said: “Labour ministers must have a rethink on outdoor hospitality.

“The huge gatherings we are seeing across Wales brings a number of challenges not just in the fight against coronavirus, from littering to anti-social behaviour.

“It’s going to be a very long month if we have decent weather and ministers need to view outdoor licenced premises with their various facilities and experience as part of the solution, not the problem.

“We’ve made great progress on case rates and the vaccination programme, and it would be a shame to see this work undone with gatherings which can’t be managed safely and effectively.

“Wales’ licensed premises have vast experience managing customers and have invested significant sums of money into making their facilities covid-secure.

“Let’s trust business and let’s ensure we continue on the path of reopening Wales in a safe and manageable manner.”

Russell George: Conservative Economy Spokesperson hails latest data

Commenting on latest findings showing outdoor activities account for very few coronavirus cases, Welsh Conservative economy spokesman, Russell George said: “This latest data is great news and backs up previous studies on outdoor transmission.

“The bank of evidence shows that outdoor activities including hospitality and sport should be given the green light to resume as soon as possible in Wales. 

“Welsh Conservatives would lift this ban and we hope Labour ministers now listen to the evidence.”