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Sir Keir Starmer backs Welsh Labour’s call for campaign funding review

Sir Keir Starmer has voiced his support for Welsh Labour’s decision to reevaluate its campaign funding regulations in light of the recent controversy surrounding donations to Vaughan Gething’s leadership bid. The UK Labour leader made these comments during his inaugural visit to Wales since Mr. Gething assumed office as the first minister.

Amidst the uproar over the £200,000 contribution from a company led by an individual with two convictions for environmental offenses, Mr. Gething has rebuffed calls for repayment but has pledged to undertake a thorough review of campaign financing procedures.

Speaking during a visit to Holyhead, Anglesey, Sir Keir remarked, “I believe the first minister has adequately addressed these concerns by advocating for a review of the regulations, which seems reasonable given the circumstances. He has provided explanations for his actions and has not contravened any rules; that should settle the matter.”

The duo utilized their time on the island to advocate Labour’s intentions to finance offshore wind farms, emphasizing their commitment to sustainable energy solutions. Sir Keir also highlighted the potential of Wylfa on Anglesey for nuclear power, albeit pending further examination if Labour assumes governance.

When questioned about the prospect of additional funding for the Welsh government through the HS2 project, Sir Keir refrained from making a definitive commitment, citing the current government’s mismanagement of finances. He stressed the necessity of reassessment and prudent decision-making upon assuming office.

Sir Keir and Mr. Gething expressed optimism regarding the potential for a more harmonious relationship between the Welsh and UK governments under Labour leadership at both levels. Mr. Gething articulated, “While differences may arise, constructive dialogue is key. A Labour government at the UK level could usher in a new era of collaboration, prioritizing the interests of Wales and the wider UK.”

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