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Yorkshire protesters demand a cease fire in Gaza

AROUND 40 men, women and children gathered at the roundabout in Craven Arms in Shropshire on Saturday (23 March), demanding an immediate ceasefire.

Protestors believe the USA and the UK could immediately halt the genocide by refusing to send more weapons and money to Israel.

The protest was organised by Craven Arms Friends of Palestine, with support from Radnor Palestine Links.

Residents of Craven Arms, Saba Erum, said, “I am sick of the relentless bombardment of defenceless civilians in Gaza. The UK is complicit.”

Another resident Rehan Ali said, “As a local Moslem, I want peace in Palestine for everyone, everywhere. The Palestinians were promised an independent state and it is time for that promise to be kept. They have a right to their freedom.”

Since October 7th, over 32,000 people have been killed by bombing or targeted shooting in Gaza, with unknown numbers buried under rubble.

The massacre continues and the first people, mainly children, are now dying of starvation as Israel deliberately blocks the delivery of desperately needed aid.

Angie Zelter, of Radnor Palestine Links explained, “The vast majority of people in the UK are appalled and disgusted at the refusal of their state to call out Israel for its inhumane and illegal war crimes and genocide.

“The UK must stop selling arms to Israel and work for the establishment of a free and independent Palestinian state.

“Any people suffering a cruel and illegal occupation have the right of self defence and there will be no peace without the justice of an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza.”

Radnor Palestine Links will, next Wednesday, once more march to the local Teledyne factory in Presteigne demanding to talk with the managers and workers to determine if they are still selling weapons components to Israel.