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Shane Loughlin admits to dangerous driving hours before fatal incident

NEW evidence emerged today in a heartbreaking incident that occurred earlier this year. Shane Andrew Loughlin, 32, was revealed to have driven a Volkswagen Tiguan dangerously and without a license mere hours before a tragic accident in St Mellons.

The fatal crash, which took place in March, resulted in the deaths of Eve Smith, 21, Darcy Ross, 21, and Rafel Jeanne, 24, who was behind the wheel at the time of the tragedy. Loughlin and another passenger, Sophie Russon, 20, sustained critical injuries and were hospitalised.

Five months have passed since the tragic day, and Loughlin was brought before Cardiff Magistrates’ Court. However, the charges brought against him were unrelated to the crash itself.

Details presented in court revealed Loughlin’s disqualified driving status since July 22, 2022. Nonetheless, CCTV footage displayed Loughlin exiting the VW Tiguan at an Esso Garage on March 3, 2023, at 10.46 pm. Prosecutors presented four videos allegedly showing Loughlin recklessly driving on the M4, recording with his phone and simultaneously inhaling from a balloon.

These videos alarmingly depicted warning lights on the dashboard and the vehicle’s speedometer ranging between 80 and 90 mph, all at 22.18 pm.

When questioned about the events, Loughlin admitted his inability to recall the details but did not dispute the evidence. After verifying his identity, he entered a guilty plea to both dangerous driving and driving while disqualified.

In light of the severity, magistrates referred Loughlin’s case to Cardiff Crown Court. His sentencing is set for September 5.

Following the crash, Loughlin conveyed his devastation through a Facebook post, expressing his sorrow and gratitude to those who supported him. He also honoured Rafel, Eve, and Darcy.

Meanwhile, Sophie Russon, who has since left the hospital, attended the funeral of her dear friend, Ms Ross. Sophie’s mother, Anna Certowicz, in a candid interview with the Mirror, criticised the police’s response, noting the prolonged 46-hour search before finding the crash victims in the woodland off the A48.

The devastating accident left Sophie with a bruised brain, fluid build-up, a broken arm, and leg fractures.

The community mourned the loss of the three victims. Rafel Jeanne, remembered fondly by Ysgol Glantaf, was celebrated for his vibrant energy and sincerity. Miss Smith, a Maesglas native, was remembered for her bravery and potential by friends and family at St Woolos in April.