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Former Swansea City star Garry Monk surprises the UK’s ‘best worst’ football team

FORMER Swansea City captain Garry Monk has teamed up with Specsavers’ Best Worst Team, Cwm Albion, as they hope to boost their success on the football pitch.

The former Swansea manager and captain, who earlier this week took on the job of manager at Cambridge United, has returned to his roots to offer coaching to Cwm Albion, who lost all 22 of their games last season with an astonishing -191 goal difference. The team is being given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by Specsavers to turn its fortunes around following a nationwide search to find a club in desperate need of help.

With a managerial career that has spanned more than a decade, Monk is used to working with teams at the lower end of the table, having been appointed as manager of Middlesborough in 2017, following their relegation from the Premier League.

Speaking of his new involvement and motivation for wanting to meet and help the team, Garry Monk says: ‘This is a great campaign by Specsavers because it offers exposure to what is the core of football in the UK and around the world – grassroots – in a unique and fun way.

‘That, coupled with the fact that the team are based in Swansea, where I have playing and coaching history, I just had to get involved and meet the only person in the world [Chris Pippins] who has ever based their game on me!’

As part of Specsavers’ support to Cwm Albion, who currently play in the Swansea Senior League, the team has been receiving invaluable support throughout the season, including money-can’t-buy experiences usually reserved for elite clubs and face-to-face training from football legend and FA cup winning manager Harry Redknapp.

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The team’s journey is being documented by Specsavers throughout the 2024 football season in a series of episodes, narrated by Jill Scott. In the latest episode, released today, Monk – the former Swansea centre-back – surprises the team by leading a training session. It comes following Cwm Albion’s recent 7-1 win against rival Swansea team, St Thomas Stars, earlier this month that boosted them from the bottom of the table.

Lisa Hale, Head of Consumer Communications at Specsavers, adds: ‘It was very obvious from the start of the season how passionate Cwm Albion are about the game, so we are very proud to be rallying behind them and see the improvements both on and off the pitch with the support of Garry and Harry.’

You can follow the journey of the ‘Best Worst Team’ and watch all the action over on the dedicated YouTube channel and Specsavers’ social channels.