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Wrexham Football Club’s impressive salaries and record-breaking season

WREXHAM Football Club has been making waves in the footballing world since November 2020 when Hollywood A-listers Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney purchased the club. The pair’s involvement in the club has sparked a newfound interest in the team, and the players have been feeling the benefits both on and off the pitch.

Despite being a non-league team, Wrexham has been paying its players an impressive salary, with some players earning over four times the average for the National League. According to Sporting News, Wrexham’s top striker Paul Mullin earns an impressive £4,500-a-week, which is nearly five times the league’s average of £1,000-a-week.

However, Mullin is not the only player benefiting from the club’s financial backing. Defensive duo Ben Tozer and Aaron Hayden are also reportedly earning £3,000 every seven days. These salaries are in stark contrast to what players in other National League teams earn, highlighting the financial advantage that Wrexham has over its rivals.

The Welsh side’s popularity has exploded since Reynolds and McElhenney took over, and the club is currently sitting at the top of the National League with 100 points and six games to go. They are three points clear of Notts County, with a game in hand, and the players are highly motivated to secure promotion to the Football League.

Apart from the desire to play in the top tier of English football, the players have a huge financial incentive to secure promotion this season. With a guaranteed bonus on the cards, the players will be pushing themselves to the limit to ensure that they are part of the team that secures promotion.

It is a remarkable turnaround for Wrexham, who were relegated to non-league football in 2009 and only just avoided dropping further down in the 2019/20 season. However, with Reynolds and McElhenney at the helm, the club is moving in the right direction and looks set for a record-breaking promotion to the Football League. The attention they are receiving is almost unrivalled, with Salford FC being the only other non-league team to receive as much coverage in recent times.