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Tory MP apologises for attending ‘Birthday Drinks’ amid Covid restrictions

VIRGINIA Crosbie, the Member of Parliament for Ynys Mon, has issued an apology for her attendance at a gathering referred to as ‘birthday drinks’ during the Covid-19 pandemic. The event, which took place in Parliament on December 8, 2020, occurred while restrictions were still in place, drawing criticism and raising concerns about adherence to safety protocols.

The Guido Fawkes website reported that Crosbie was one of the co-hosts of the alleged drinks event. According to the site, Baroness Jenkin described the gathering as “joint birthday drinks,” held to celebrate the respective ages of 54 and 65 for Crosbie and Jenkin. The information was sourced from a WhatsApp message quoted by PA.

The controversy surrounding the event intensified when Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticised the Privileges Committee ahead of its forthcoming report on his own conduct. Johnson accused Sir Bernard Jenkin, who allegedly attended the event with his wife, of “monstrous hypocrisy.” It is worth noting that Baroness Jenkin is the wife of Sir Bernard Jenkin.

Ms. Crosbie confirmed the occurrence of the event but denied sending out any invitations herself. In a statement addressing the matter, she clarified, “Regarding reports of an event held on 8th December 2020, I would like to set out the facts. The invitation for this event was not sent out by me. I attended the event briefly, I did not drink, and I did not celebrate my birthday. I went home shortly after to be with my family.”

Recognising her lapse in judgment, Crosbie expressed sincere remorse, stating, “I apologise unreservedly for a momentary error of judgment in attending the event.”

The incident has brought attention to the importance of adhering to Covid-19 restrictions and the responsibilities of public figures in upholding safety measures. The repercussions of such actions during a pandemic can undermine public trust and hinder efforts to control the spread of the virus.

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