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Cabinet ignore councillor’s request

cabinet ignore requestCABINET members discussed the possibility of merging Hakin and Hubberston schools into one, but ignored a request from another councillor at a Cabinet meeting on Monday.

Councillor Vivien Stoddart’s request for a second option to be considered was ignored. Cllr Stoddart asked that the director consult on a second option to maintain the status quo but only one option was discussed.

This was in contrast to the next item on the Cabinet agenda which gave nine options to be considered for Ysgol Dewi Sant in St David’s. Councillor James Adams even added a tenth option to that list after rushing through the solitary option on the previous item.

Cllr Stoddart gave a copy of an e-mail to the Herald which she had sent to all the cabinet members in the hope they would discuss it. Her
message reads:
“Two years ago, Hakin infants and Junior Schools joined together to create Hakin Community School. This amalgamation was based on the promise of a new school, but they continue to operate on two sites. This is not satisfactory. Hakin needs and deserved a new school. This is not
in doubt, and a new school will be welcomed by everyone.

“I read that you are being recommended, with regard to Ysgol Dewi Sant, that the director consult on options for the future. One of the options is to keep the status quo. The focus of the initial consultations for the future of Hakin and Hubberston schools was the question: ‘Should Hubberston VC School join with Hakin Community School?’

“It was this question that was at the heart of the early summer consultation with parents, staff and governors of both schools. The response of the overwhelming majority of the school community in Hubberston was to decline the invitation to join with Hakin. They wish to maintain the status quo.”

At the meeting on Monday, councillors gave their opinions but the email from Cllr Stoddart was not even mentioned. Councillor Ken Rowlands

“We must consider the benefits that will come to the area.”

Councillor James Adams added:

“What must be remembered is that this is an investment in children, other areas have delivered first class schools.

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“Both schools are doing well at the moment and there is nothing to suggest that a larger school wouldn’t continue that success”.

After the meeting Cllr Vivien Stoddart said:

“I was disappointed that Cabinet on Monday ignored my request for a second option with regard to the possible amalgamation of Hakin and Hubberston schools.

“I emailed all Cabinet members last week asking that, in addition to the recommendation before them, that ‘consultations be held on merging the
two schools to provide a single all-through English medium Church in Wales voluntary controlled primary school,’ they also consider consulting on a second option of retaining the status quo.

“My request was not even mentioned when Cabinet approved the single recommendation on the table before them. My suggestion had disappeared in to a County Hall black hole of silence.

“This was a discourtesy to all those of Hubberston school’s community, who took the trouble to attend consultation meetings, and the 30-plus parents who wrote to the director of education expressing their opposition to the merger.”

In the report put before the council
it says:

“The provision of a high quality new school would enable the two schools to pool their range of expertise and experience to provide educational experiences of the highest quality and effectively meet the broad range of individual needs of all pupils currently”.

A consultation period will now begin but the plans are likely to come under strong opposition.