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Climate change to blame for ‘science fiction’ temperatures, says weather expert

CLIMATE change is to blame for the current high temperatures in the UK, according to a leading weather expert.

On fears climate change is to blame for the current heatwave, Phil Morrish told GB News:

“Absolutely it is. This weather is actually coming from the Sahara Desert.

“It has come up all the way from the Sahara, is coming through France and Spain and is a really, really hot air mass and these temperatures are absolutely incredible…

“These are science fiction temperatures. These are things on the charts that we thought wouldn’t come until 2050, that shows you it’s global warming.

“This incredible heat is going to become very, very established across the country with the red warnings in the south-east England, Midlands up into Manchester, so it’s very widespread indeed.”

“This is air which is really, really hot and very, very hot air indeed.

“And this has come up all the way from the Sahara and is the hottest air that we’ve ever had.

“Now, the forecast on this has been incredible. Up to seventeen days ago, what we call the global forecasting system first said that we’re going to get these really hot temperatures arriving.

“We couldn’t believe them at first and all the other weather models have come into line. And so we’ve got a really hot couple of days ahead.”

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Asked about how people can hope in the heatwave, Mr Morrish told GB News:

“You’re being put under tremendous stress and you have temperatures of 35 and above, actually your body temperature is 37 degrees almost as hot or hotter than your blood.

“These are incredibly high temperatures and with humidity too, it is dangerous to be out for very long under these temperatures.

“None of our schools have got air conditioning. They are all in hot stuffy classrooms, with 30 children is extremely unpleasant indeed and it’s the last week of term for a lot of schools.

“I’m sure not too much is going on in many of them, but it’s really, really hot indeed. It’s very unpleasant and very, very hot indeed, so yes, it’s something to be aware of today.”