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Continued improvement for Ceredigion

Continued improvement for Ceredigion
Continued improvement for Ceredigion

THE COUNCIL’s Annual Performance Report was presented to and agreed by Ceredigion County Council on October 23. The report highlights the significant progress the council has made in transforming the way it delivers its services and has performed against its key objectives and improvement plans over the last year.

The report shows that the council delivers well in many services compared to other authorities in Wales, is committed to continuous improvements, and that it is delivering planned improvements in relation to carbon management, its education service, to helping older people live more independently and helping to regenerate Aberystwyth town centre. In 2013-14, the council was ranked in the top 5 authorities in Wales for 39% (17 out of 44) of the measures used to assess and compare performance in local government in Wales.

The council improved against 57% of the measures. At a time when councils are facing continuing financial challenges the report shows that the council has succeeded in delivering quality services at a time when resources are diminishing. The Leader, Cllr Ellen ap Gwynn, said that the report shows continuing improvement over the previous year 2012 – 2013: “Despite the budget constraints I am pleased that we’ve made progress in several services, and delivered on our planned improvements, as this reflects the way in which the Council is changing to become more efficient and effective without losing sight of the needs of the citizens of Ceredigion.

I was particularly pleased that the performance report bears out the findings of the recent Welsh Audit Office Corporate Assessment that concluded the Council enjoys strong leadership and helps drive improvements in services and outcomes for the citizens of Ceredigion.” Every council in Wales is obliged to publish an annual report of its previous year’s performance, and the Improvement Objectives for the current year.