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Council chief’s tax-dodge


H E R A L D  E X C L U S I V E

An obscure Council Committee, meeting in secret session, decided to help Pembrokeshire County Council top boss Bryn Parry-Jones help himself to a tax break, The Pembrokeshire Herald  has exclusively revealed in this week’s edition.

The hard-hitting story reveals that the tax dodge allows Bryn-Parry Jones to opt out of the Local Government Pension Scheme and get paid the equivalent of the Council’s contribution every year to invest or do with as he wished.

The minutes of the secret meeting show that current IPPG supremo Jamie Adams, former IPPG leader John Davies, former IPPG deputy John Allen-Mirehouse, current IPPG Cabinet member Sue Perkins, former Tory leader Stan Hudson and now-retired Councillor and former IPPG Cabinet papermember David Wildman, unanimously backed the deal.

Unusually, the meeting was held in Bryn Parry-Jones’ office at County Hall.

The BBC has followed up The Herald’s story and confirmed that Bryn Parry-Jones was at the meeting where his own pay and conditions of employment were discussed. He was the only Council employee to take advantage of the tax avoidance scheme in the last tax year.

The editor of The Pembrokeshire Herald, Thomas Sinclair, said:

“The Welsh Audit Office has determined that a very similar tax avoidance scheme in Carmarthenshire is unlawful. We say that whether the scheme is unlawful or not is only part of the story. The main point is that this is a big tax break given to the well-off and well-paid when ordinary workers are having their pay and hours cut. Whether lawful or not, this tax dodge scheme is immoral.”

Local UNISON Branch Secretary Vic Dennis agreed and expressed shock at news of the tax dodge. “UNISON members at County Hall who have taken large cuts in their wages will be appalled.”




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  • So, the highest paid council official in Wales can award himself and his cronies a ‘bonus’ amounting to more than most people in Pembrokeshire earn in a full year. Is that what public service is about now? Why is this man still in his job?

  • Two Very good points from Thomas & Alan.

    I have no bad feelings towards Bryn Parry Jones but he is simply not the right man for the job.
    The people set up Government & council to “Serve” them. Not award yourself pay that you dictate & cut services and other people’s pay.

    There needs to be transparency with decisions in the council & the “People” should vote who they want to run their county!!