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Council fine fly tippers

CARMARTHENSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL has fined four people caught fly tipping in the County. The incident occurred on the banks of Dafen pond in Llanelli, after the council had received several complaints of fly tipping in the area since Christmas.

The four fined each face penalty notices that were issued for £75 and there are harsh consequences for a refusal to pay which could be as much as a fine of £2,500 if prosecuted in court. The council has confirmed that officer patrols will continue in the area and CCTV cameras are also being used to monitor other recycling sites where fly tipping has been a problem.

Executive Board Member for Environmental and Public Protection Cllr Jim Jones said: “These sites are important facilities for communities and only glass and cans should be taken to this site for recycling. However, people are dumping all kinds of rubbish. This will not be tolerated and anyone caught will be prosecuted.”

The council have become increasingly frustrated with the recurring problem of fly-tipping at recycling sites and have vowed to crack down on it with fines such as these serving as a warning to any potential would-be fly tippers. The action group ‘Fly Tipping for Wales’, who exist to combat the threat to wildlife that the criminal activity poses, state that as recently as in 2013 there were nearly 35,000 fly tipping incidents in Wales which cost the Welsh tax-payer some £2m.