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Dad’s life saved

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Hero: Patricia saved the life of her husband Michael

A SON has led the praise for his majority vote. mother and the Emergency services after his father was brought back from the dead.

Mark Harris told the Herald that his father, Michael Harris, had collapsed at his home in Gibbas Way, Pembroke, on January 5, 2016. Michael’s heart had stopped and he had effectively died in his mother’s arms but what happened next was remarkable. Mark posted the events on his Facebook page writing:

“Late on Tuesday afternoon, Dad collapsed. His heart had stopped. Mum phoned the emergency services, and for 10 minutes they talked her through administering CPR. “When the paramedics arrived there was still no pulse, so for 45 minutes they worked on Dad and eventually managed to restart his heart. “At hospital they worked further, before putting him onto life support. However there was no sign of brain activity or positive reflex responses. When I reached the hospital in Llanelli, I saw that his eyes were open but with a fixed stare. Dad just wasn’t there anymore.

“The consultants said that normally they would leave a patient on life support for a couple of days to see if there were changes, but in Dad’s case it was just prolonging his life unnecessarily, so they planned to stop the assisted breathing on Thursday, and let him pass away peacefully with us. “Thursday came around, and we discovered they had turned everything off before we arrived. What was the reason for this? Dad had woken up.

“He recognised us, was able to talk a little, and after a while even ate some food. His short term memory was reasonably non-existent and he was very confused, but over the last 48 hours, there have been vast improvements. “It’s still early days, and his brain has experienced some damage, but not as bad as it could have been and he is alive. Thank you Mum, for saving Dad’s life.”