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Two found dead on Milford trawler

boatTWO FISHERMEN have been found dead on board a Milford Haven registered fishing boat moored in Whitby harbour on Wednesday (January 15).
Mark Arries, 26, from Blythe and Edward Ide, 21, from Amble in Northumberland had been working on the fishing vessel M220 Eshcol.
The boat is one of a small party of vessels from Milford Haven that had been fishing for scallops off the Whitby coast for a number of weeks. The boats would normally have been at sea, had poor weather not forced them to remain in the harbour.
The bodies of two crew members were found in their beds and the Marine Accident Investigation Branch has launched an investigation into the cause, with carbon monoxide poisoning believed to be the most likely cause of death.
A spokesperson for North Yorkshire police told The Herald that the vessel had been berthed beside the market building to allow it to be refuelled, and it is only when the fuel tanker arrived that the bodies were discovered.
The police confirmed that the vessel actually has a crew of three people, with another man opting to sleep on a different vessel the previous night, a decision which appears to have saved his life.
Darren Butcher of Whitby Fish Market told local reporters: “As I got here there was shouting and they were trying to wake them up. Then at about 9.45am when the other crew were here, they must have thought ‘hey up, where’s these two lads?’ They’ve gone aboard, kicked the door in and obviously found them there.”
Reports have suggested the men suffered carbon monoxide poisoning having left an oven ring burning throughout the night to provide heat.
Tributes to the men have been paid on the Facebook group of trade newspaper, Fishing News.
The deaths are currently being treated as unexplained