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Doctor Who’s Tardis lands in St Davids

tardis landsTHE TARDIS is renowned for having a mind of its own and turning up in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

So whilst maybe it was right for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who on BBC television, it is possible that it was really intending to land at St David’s Shopping Centre in Cardiff. But instead, it landed by the steps that lead down to St David’s Cathedral, last Wednesday (November 20).

Locals and visitors had the chance to take photographs and be photographed, standing next to the most famous phone box in the UK.

As Doctor Who has been filmed in Cardiff since it was re-launched by writer Russell T Davies in 2005, the BBC decided to treat Wales to a week long tour.

The Tardis attracted a steady stream of visitors. Some were aware it was in St Davids for the day and then there were those visiting the cathedral and had a pleasant surprise.

Andrew Lye, from Johnston, made the visit having identified its siting on Twitter.

“Everyone was happy to see it. It brought a smile to everyone’s faces. Everyone was taking photos and those who were there on their own, took photos using their own cameras. Its not every day you get the chance to have your photo taken with the Tardis and on your own doorstep.

“Whilst I am not a Whovian, that is a Dr Who fan, I have grown up with the programme since I was a young child. You can tell how old I am as Patrick Troughton, the second Doctor, was who I can remember. Like all subsequent generations, I remember hiding behind the settee as a youngster and you can’t help but love the Daleks!”