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Eglwyswrw: Village narrowly misses setting British rain record

Eglwyswrw2AN INFLUX of cold weather yesterday prevented the small Welsh village from taking the crown for longest consecutive rainfall. 

With temperatures dropping below freezing, Eglwyswrw was left with a grand total of 85 days of consecutive rain, which began last year on October 24.

Residents hoping to seize the record were dismayed last Saturday when the village remained dry during the day. However, close to midnight the rain returned, leaving their wet spell uninterrupted until yesterday.

The current British ‘raining’ champion for most consecutive rainfall is Eallabus in Scotland, which endured 89 days of drizzle between August 12 and November 8 1923.

News of sodden Eglwyswrw travelled far, with the village’s story appearing in the Italian newspaper ‘Centro Meteo Italiano’.

Pembrokeshire County Councillor John Davies revealed that the weather was heavily affecting his animals. His sheep were getting wool rot due to their coats not having enough time to dry out between rain showers. Farmers were also forced to let their crops rot in the ground due to fields being too waterlogged to save them.

The dry spell that caused the village to miss out was predicted by meteorologists at the Met Office, with one stating that “the sequence could be broken because we are expecting some drier days.”

The Pembrokeshire coastline is often the first point that rain-bearing clouds meet land, which is one of the reasons why the county is subject to such heavy rainfall. Although Eglwyswrw narrowly missed out on setting the record, it is far from being completely rid of the rain due to it being forecast for the rest of the week.