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Locals propose toll for Lota Park

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 13.58.59ACCORDING to local residents, drainage issues that surround Lots Park have not been addressed well enough by the County Council.

Locals have taken to social media to complain and comment on the flooding, which is once again effecting Lota Park in Fishguard, and the way in which the Pembrokeshire County Council is dealing with it. So far the council have placed a sign either side of the worst effected area, one local man said: “The flood sign was there before Christmas. yesterday, the water was gushing out from just below the car park. If it ever gets cold enough to freeze, it’s going to be a big problem. Maybe, then something will be done about it.”

To which another Fishguard resident responded: “It was frozen last year and was like a skating rink”. Some Pembrokeshire residents turned to the two month, continuous downpour the county has suffered saying: “it has been raining since October so I’m not a bit surprised”. Others had a more light hearted opinion of the flooding expressing how, in various ways the council is sure to soon move in and make the flood water subject of a toll: “how about a county council run stilt loan service – just needs a little hut either side of the flood and a council worker with a stock of stilts for hire on both sides – 10p a time say – problem solved .”

The original poster, a town council member from Letterston, explained how he initially posted the image in the hopes that one of the group members who is part of Fishguard town council might see it and bring the issue up at their town council meeting. Dani O’Connor who with other volunteers was successful in getting PCC to fund a childs park on Goodwick Parrog in February, last year is has now had plans produced and has been given permission by PCC to raise funds to put a new playground in at Lota Park. Something which would be greatly effected by the flood water if nothing is done to improve the natural drainage.

Speaking to the Herald ,Dani O’Connor said: “We asked the most important people what they would like in the park; local children, who put a zip line at the top of their list, following this I met with Neil McCarthy who has said we are free to use the whole park for the equipment if we wish. We are due to meet 3 suppliers with plans for the park and then put it to public vote”

A spokesman from Pembrokeshire County Council has told The Herald: “We understand that the excess water is the result of a naturally occurring spring which has flooded due to the exceptionally heavy rainfall recently.” “This has occurred in the past. We will monitor the situation but expect the water to disperse naturally.” He added: “If the water does freeze, it will be attended to.”