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M-CAT user made ‘stupid mistake’

lukedeanprobertON TUESDAY (Dec 22) at Haverfordwest Magistrates’ Court, 22-year-old Luke Dean Probert from Catshole Quarry in Monkton pleaded guilty to possessing 8.36g of Chloromethcathinone or M-CAT. On October 18 at around 5.30pm, officers on patrol stop checked a Ford Focus, which was being driven by Probert. Ellie Morgan, prosecuting, told the court that the defendant’s eyes were dilated and he seemed nervous. He was asked if he had taken any drugs and he admitted that he had taken M -CAT over the weekend.

His vehicle was searched and two small bags of drugs were found. One of the bags was open, with a £5 note protruding from it. The defendant told the police that the drugs were M-CAT and that he had poured water into the bag in an effort to destroy the drug, as he no longer wanted it. In interview, the defendant told the police that he had bought the Class B drug in the early hours of the previous Saturday. He said it was stupid of him to take the drugs and that he had bought the two bags for about £100 in Pembroke.

Defending Probert, Matt Greenish said that his client had been stopped for an unrelated matter. “He is devastated to be here today because he has been trying to stay out of trouble. He has very little recollection of purchasing the drugs and they had very little effect on him,” said the lawyer, “He’s gutted, it was a stupid mistake.” Magistrates said that it was very unfortunate that Probert had found himself before the court before fining him £255. He will also have to pay £85 in prosecution costs, a £26 victim surcharge and a £180 criminal court charge.