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Milford Haven: Councillor clashes with cameraman

Clear off: Councillor bats away at camerman's lens

Clear off: Councillor bats away at camerman's lens
Clear off: Councillor bats away at camerman’s lens

A CAMERAMAN from Pembs.TV was told he was not permitted to film a Planning Committee visit to Milford Haven on Wednesday (Jan 14).

Mark Evans, a news cameraman and documentary maker for many years, told The Pembrokeshire Herald: “I was in a public place, filming councillors representing a public body, when one councillor took exception to being filmed and tried to push me away. He claimed that I was not entitled to film.

At the end of last year, Pembrokeshire County Council voted to allow the video and audio recording of all committee meetings and meetings of the full Council, unless the meeting is discussing commercially sensitive or other private and confidential information. Even then, advice on exclusion of the media and public has to be tendered and voted upon.

A Council spokesman told The Herald, however, that site visits are an exception to this rule: “Planning site inspections are not public meetings and, as such, the public and press are not notified.

“The majority of site inspections take place on private land. In such cases the Council contacts the landowner beforehand as a master of courtesy to enable the inspection to be carried out.”

After visiting the Manchester Street car park, councillors travelled to Milford Docks, where they refused to discuss concerns about the Port Authority’s plans for redevelopment with members of the public.

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  • Hardly a \”clash\”! Was it on public or private land, that bit has not been confirmed ? Obviously the recording of this meeting was to prompt a reaction and not in the interests of real reporting.

  • Inspections are open to members of the public but they cannot ask questions or speak unless invited to do so. Obviously we still have none transparent Councillors who dont want true and accurate reports to be published instead of the Councils slant on matters! Nothing changes at PCC does it! Keep up the good work with your reports Pembrokeshire Herald and keep rattling the Councillors cages!

  • Who was the councillor and what was the purpose of the site visit? As we have seen in the past, a close eye needs to be put on everything PCC does as nothing is as above board as they would have us believe.

  • Dave, are you trying to muddy the waters ? the article states it was on public land so confirmation is required by yourself from Pembs CC as you think the press is lying? -PCC the home of honesty,decency,sacking whistle blowers who report paedophiles and a load of other good things?

    you’re taking the mickey aren’t you ?