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Pupils to be scanned for meals

Reducing s tigmatisation: Bi ometric lunches .

PUPILS at a Carmarthenshire comprehensive school are using the latest hi-tech equipment to get their school meals.

Amman Valley Comprehensive school has just introduced biometric fingerprint scanners into its canteens that replace the old cash tills. Students deposit funds into a unique account which they then use to pay for school meals, by scanning their fingerprint that will take the money directly from their account.

The system also leaves a tracking record of what they have bought so that parents can monitor their school diet and ensure they are eating the correct balance of healthy foods. As no physical cash is involved, queues are massively reduced and it serves a dual purpose of keeping the identity of those on free meals secret, thus ensuring there is no identifiable stigmatisation. The machines were first installed at Ysgol Glan Y Mor and the catering services intend to have every secondary school fitted with these machines by the end of 2016.

Catering Services Manager Sandra Weigel said: “So far the cashless catering systems have had a positive response from both parents and pupils. The new system removes any stigma associated with free school meals and it ensures children are buying nutritious food.”

The catering team go on to say that they prepare healthy meals with quality ingredients and they aim to make sure that all pupils have a healthy nutritious meal. They also say they provide that same level of service for those wishing to have a vegetarian option.