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Sex offender in court for misdialling police

MISDIALLING the police by one digit has landed a Llanelli sex offender with a twelve-month conditional discharge.

Gareth Rhys Matthews, 37, of Frondeg Terrace had been made a ‘relevant offender’ under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 for a proven criminal offence – but in September last year he moved to a new house without informing the police as required.

Matthews had, Llanelli court heard on Thursday (Dec 2), secured the agreement of his probation officer – but when he attempted to contact the relevant police officer in charge of his case, he misdialled by one digit and therefore failed to get through.

He admitted failing to inform the police and the court took his mitigation into account when passing a lenient sentence. Matthews was also ordered to pay the CPS costs of £85 and £21 towards the victims of crime.