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St Clears: Burger van knife threat leads to jail

swansea crown courtA ST CLEARS man who tried to sort out a dispute about a hamburger van with a six inch kitchen knife has been jailed for four months today.

Michael Bramley, aged 46, threatened to stab the owner of a taxi company.

Swansea crown court heard that Bramley, who admitted a charge of possessing a bladed article in a public place, lived in Maes y Bryn and next door to the JRV Cars taxi business.

Kevin Jones, prosecuting, said the owner of the business, Jason Vaughan, had been allowed to park the hamburger van on Bramley’s land.

Bramley asked him to remove it but there was a delay while Mr Vaughan found a vehicle with a towbar attached.

However, Bramley became fed up of waiting and early on December 17 he went to the taxi firm while still dressed in his pyjamas.

Mr Jones said a driver arrived and noticed that Bramley appeared to be drunk and had a knife tucked into his sleeve.

“He swore and said he would cut Mr Vaughan,” added Mr Jones.

A second driver arrived and told Bramley to go home before telephoning Mr Vaughan and advising him to stay away.

Judge Peter Heywood said, “Heaven knows what might have happened had he shown up.

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“You could have been looking at far more serious charges. You had a vicious looking knife with you and you made it clear you were looking for Mr Vaughan.

“And you made various obscene comments about what you would do when you saw him.”

Bramley’s barrister, James Hartson, said he had not used the knife to actually hurt anyone.

Judge Heywood said the Court of Appeal had made it very clear what approach courts should take when dealing with someone armed with a knife.

Bramley was also made the subject of a restraining order for two years banning him from approaching Mr Vaughan or his business.