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Tasered boxer’s guilty plea

Llanelli Magistrates Court

A CARMARTHEN man who ‘acted like the Incredible Hulk’ appeared before Magistrates in Llanelli on Thursday (Mar 12) charged with using threatening behaviour.

The court heard that on February 13, Errol Richards, 20, of Merlin Street was involved in an altercation in a Queen Street pub. After viewing CCTV, officers traced Richards, and found him behaving in an aggressive manner. The defendant was ‘flexing his muscles and baring his teeth, and assuming a fighting stance’. When the police approached him, he repeatedly told them to f*** off.

After numerous attempts to reason verbally with Mr Richards the officers were forced to subdue him using a taser, and place him under arrest.

Defending Richards, Miss Williams said that he had ‘very limited recollection’ of the events, but thought that his anger stemmed from being thrown out of the pub, when he believed that he had done nothing wrong. Miss Williams stressed that the offence was verbal, and that no assault had taken place.

Magistrates heard that Richards was subject to a community order, which had met with ‘mixed’ success. However the unpaid work element had been completed. Miss Williams described the defendant as ‘a bright, motivated young man,’ when sober. ‘His demon is drink,’ she added, and said that Richards had been training as a boxer recently.

A representative of the probation service said that Richards had made progress on his community order, and advocated more community work.

After sentencing Richards to 80 hours unpaid work, and ordering him to pay £145 costs and surcharge, Magistrates told Richards to ‘remember that boxing teaches self-control’.