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Where would you like to chat with the Commissioner?

Chirstopher Salmon Police Comissioner
Police Commissioner: Christopher Salmon

THE PUBLIC of Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and Powys are being asked: “Where do you want to meet your Police and Crime Commissioner?” 

Christopher Salmon is planning his 2015 Your Voice event where he spends a working day listening to the thoughts and needs of the community. The activity includes private appointments, meetings with organisations and chats with groups ranging from young school children to business leaders. The Dyfed-Powys PCC said: “I have a budget of around £100m in taxpayers’ money and they have a direct say in how that’s spent. Meeting people on their own patch is an effective way of me learning about their needs, opinions and ideas.

Your Voice is hugely influential in helping me develop strategies for policing and cutting crime.” This year, Mr Salmon arranged 12 Your Voice events, three in each Dyfed-Powys County. The public have offered observations on issues ranging from antisocial behaviour to internet crime and from police visibility to Mr Salmon’s salary (£65,000). Next year’s topics could include matters such as the future of police bases, the effect of having more ‘Bobbies’ on the beat and the ongoing challenge of rural policing. To let Mr Salmon know where you’d like to see him next year, phone 01267 226440, email opcc@dyfedpowys. pnn.police.uk or tweet @ DPOPCC using #YourVoice2015.