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Ysgol Y Strade pupil threatens mass shooting

A PUPIL at Ysgol Y Strade has allegedly been involved with police amid mass shooting threats made over social media on Wednesday (Sept 25).

A Year 10 student of Ysgol Y Strade was found to be posting messages on social media sites such as Snapchat and Instagram as well as posing for the camera with a air rifle under the caption ‘felt cute, might shoot up the school later’.

The messages that were posted were sent to another pupil whilst the alleged potential shooter was on holiday abroad and included phrases like “I don’t do hits, I prefer mass shootings. I can put you on the priority list.” It is believed that the pupil that received the images and texts is from the year above.

Ysgol Y Strade took to Twitter to state: “Message to all parents; it has come to our attention that there are currently several social media comments being made concerning an alleged situation involving a pupil from Ysgol Y Strade. We would like to assure parents that the police, who brought the issue to our attention, are dealing with the matter and there is no need to be concerned.”

The statement was met with some backlash from users associated with the school, stating that regular lockdown drills should be practised and that they hope the pupil is never allowed to return as they will be moving their children elsewhere in the county if not.

Members of the public took to social media to alert parents of the situation and warning them to be wary pf the potential threat to their children’s lives. One such post which was seemingly created to pass on the information stated: “Anybody who has kids in Strayed, can you please message me?”

A spokeswoman for Dyfed-Powys Police said: “We are aware of reports of malicious comments on social media and consequent concerns amongst pupils and parents of a local school. Officers have been working with Ysgol Gyfun Y Strade to carry out their enquiries. The comments have been investigated and the risk to the school and members of the public is deemed to be very low. The school is open as usual.”