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Anglesey man jailed after conviction for coercive control and child cruelty

A MAN convicted of coercive control and child ill-treatment has been jailed.

Dalton James Jeffries, 22 from the Llangefni area used violence, intimidation, threats of suicide and self-harm.

He also caused extensive damage to his victim’s house and property to exert his control over them and their young child.

Jeffries went so far as to self-harm in front of his victims in a bid to emotionally blackmail them into doing what he wanted.

When he heard that the relationship was over and his victim was trying to move on, Jeffries subjected his victim to a tirade of abuse and threatened to end his life, causing the victim severe emotional distress.

His assaults and outbursts have been described as “manipulative and calculated” and were always carried out away from witnesses and causing physical damage and injury in places that would not be seen by others.

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On his arrest, Jeffries threatened to self-harm with a blade if the officer did not tell him the nature of the allegation.

He denied the offences when interviewed, but later changed his plea to guilty.

At Caernarfon Court today, Jeffries was sentenced to two and a half years for using controlling and coercive behaviour and 15 months concurrently for child cruelty.

He was also made the subject of a 20-year restraining order, prohibiting him from contacting his victims, not to go to their premises and not to enter data on the internet about them.

Detective Sergeant Adam Sergeant said: “Tackling domestic abuse remains a priority for North Wales Police.

“This sentence is welcomed because not only does it reinforce that abhorrent behaviour such as this is unlawful and will be punished, but hopefully will build confidence in others to report to us if they themselves, or someone they know is a victim of coercive and controlling behaviour.

“The restraining order is also welcomed as this will provide additional protection to Jeffries’ victims.”