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Anglesey resident calls council ‘disgrace’ and accuses it of ‘racism’ in wait for disability help

AN ANGLESEY resident has called his local council a “disgrace” and accused it of “racism” after waiting months to hear if he will get disability help.

Portuguese-born Luis Miguel Serra Manteigas, who lives in Holyhead, said he has not had a satisfactory resolution after five months of discussions and emails over access and storage arrangements for his mobility scooter.

He also said several months have passed and he has still “heard nothing” over his application to the council for a Disability Facilities Grant.

Mr Manteigas lives in a ground floor flat at Llwyn Briscoe with his wife. The 49-year-old former cleaner has been in the UK for 19 years.

He claimed that he and his wife “struggle” to move a wooden ramp if he wants to go out and said he has asked the council – and been turned down – for a metal shed to keep the scooter safe.

The disability grant would also help him with adaptations at his home. Due to health problems affecting his neck, legs and back, he says he is no longer able to work and is on benefits.

He says he has anxiety problems, depression and is in chronic pain, taking 21 tablets a day. Mr Manteigas said: “I purchased the scooter in August 2022 for my mobility needs.

“I asked for council help. I needed a proper ramp for my scooter to go out to the shops and different places.

“The council said no, because we live in a council flat building with communal areas. I needed an electric plug and metal shed to keep my scooter safe and keep it close by, but the council just do nothing.

“The scooter cost me over £4,000. The insurance will not cover me if something happens to it in the communal area.

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“It could get damaged by the weather or stolen. I really need a small shed in the front of my building.

“It would make it easier for me, but the council have not helped me with this. I don’t expect anything free from anyone. I could get a shed myself.

“I’ve been waiting for help for five months. I need this help. It is a disgrace they don’t seem to want to help disabled people.

“I have applied for a Disabled Facilities Grant from the council a few months ago and had nothing yet. I think it is racist against myself or Portuguese people.

“I have asked social services for help about the problems, but nothing happens.”

Mr Manteigas acknowledged that he had received help with a bathroom chair and a kitchen chair.

“At the moment I am storing the scooter in the back garden area,” he said.

“When I need to go out, I have to ask my wife to help me to put down a ramp. I’m struggling to take my scooter from the back garden area. The wooden ramp has to be put on and off all the time and my condition is getting worse.”

An Anglesey council spokesperson said: “Whilst not in a position to comment on the circumstances of individual tenants, we would totally and vehemently reject any claim that applications or assessments are somehow hindered due to disability, nationality or race.

“Requests for adaptations, in particular, must follow fire safety rules as well as our own needs assessment of the application. Any application for a Disabled Facilities Grant and adaptations for a tenant must follow due process and can, of course, take a lengthy period to complete.”