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Conwy contractors remove newly laid tennis courts

Conwy contractors are digging up a tennis court surface that was only laid in October

CONTRACTORS are digging up a tennis court surface that was only laid in October.

The tennis courts at Bodlondeb Park in Conwy are currently undergoing a £108,000 transformation.

The work was scheduled to be completed in August 2023, but the contractors are already removing the new surface laid in October 2023 with JCBs now on site.

Whilst the Conwy County Council says the cost of the remedial work is being covered by the Lawn Tennis Association, Conwy has admitted it will now charge tennis players £4 at most times of the day.

This is despite the often-busy courts previously being free.

When asked, Conwy said it didn’t know the cost of the remedial work that wouldn’t be completed for another three to four weeks.
Conwy also said the courts would close again once the weather improves.

A Conwy County Council spokeswoman commented, “We understand that the current work is due to take three to four weeks, after which temporary lines will be put down so that the courts can be used.

“The top layer of the surface will be removed and replaced, as part of remedial works to ensure the longevity of the courts. Once the weather allows, the courts will be closed for a short period to be painted and fully marked.”

When asked if the remedial work would cost taxpayers and, if so, how much, the council spokeswoman said Conwy didn’t know.

“We don’t hold these figures as this is being completed at no cost to CCBC,” she said.

“The project is funded and overseen by the Lawn Tennis Association. We are grateful for the very significant investment that they are making into our tennis courts.”

Conwy were also asked why they had taken the decision to charge players for using the tennis courts, despite the facilities previously being free and well used close to a children’s park.

“Under the Parks Tennis initiative, local authorities are expected to build up a fund for reinvestment to ensure that the courts remain of the highest quality for years to come,” said the spokeswoman.

“In order to achieve this, we will be charging a fee of £4 per court, but we will also offer free play sessions at some times each week.”