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Crónicas de Londres to be adapted to a feature film.

Crónicas de Londres

ANDES PICTURES, a new independent film production company in London, announced that they acquired the film rights to Crónicas de Londres (London Chronicles), written by Peruvian author Gunter Silva Passuni. The film will be co-produced by Venezuelan producer Andrea Pérez and Peruvian producer Gustavo Portugal.

Crónicas de Londres is a collection of short stories about Latin-American immigrants living in various British cities, searching for better and more dignified ways of living. 

The stories are about feelings of fear, love, anxiety, homesickness and failures experienced by all the characters. The power of these stories lies in the portrayal of characters in conflict and breaking points.

The book will be adapted to the big screen by Mexican screenwriter Viridiana Marín, and the project is looking to provide opportunities to other people in the film industry who are also part of the Latin-American community living in the U.K.

In addition, the chosen working title of this project is Crónicas Latinas (Latin Chronicles). Gustavo Portugal expressed: “Latin-Chronicles is born out of the idea of producing a Latin-American story made by Latinos in the U.K to the world. 

“Also, there is a lack of representation of our community in the U.K’s film industry, and we are working towards filling that gap; of course, these elements are not enough to produce a feature film hence my search of many years is over when a friend of mine invited me to meet Gunter Silva Passuni.

“Personally, this is a project under my skin, as I can relate to many of the stories. I believe there is something of every story in each one of us inside the Latin-American community”.

Andrea Perez has similar thoughts about the project: “Since I read the stories , I saw an enormous potential that translated to the big screen.

“I can describe it as a film adaptation that will change the U.K landscape and the understanding of the Latino community in this country. Also, it will work as an ode to the uniqueness of London; that includes many different communities coming together in synergy in a crazy greyish city.

“Audiences are hungry for new and better character-driven stories, and many migrants latinos (from older and younger generations) are dying to see Latin-American representation on film, so why not give them just that?”.

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To find out more about Latin Chronicles, follow them on all social media at @cronicaslatinas