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“Keep calm, keep close, keep clean for our environment’s sake.”

SENEDD yr Ifanc (Wrexham Youth Parliament) has put together a powerful short film, featuring its members talking about the different ways people can look after the environment during the pandemic.

The young people in the film recorded the footage entirely themselves whilst in their home, garden or local communities on their daily walks.

The two-minute video is titled ‘Keep Calm, Keep Close, Keep Clean’ and it features a number of important messages, which we can all learn from.

Protecting Nature

Senedd yr Ifanc represents young people in Wrexham, making sure their opinions are heard, with Reducing Climate Change being the group’s top priority from a 2019 ballot.

A further poll took place last year and it was decided that Protecting Nature was the area it should focus on to make an impact in Wrexham.


Darren Williams, Chief Officer Environment and Technical, said: “Senedd yr Ifanc has delivered a fantastic short film that has some really good advice.

“If they can inspire others – and not just other youngsters, older generations too – it would be great for Wrexham.

“We need as many residents to get on board with recycling as possible, and having such well-informed young people leading by example with a powerful message can only be helpful.”

Plastic and the environment

One of the video’s main themes is the effect discarded plastic has on the environment.

In Wrexham, a number of plastics are recyclable as part of the Council’s weekly collection service.

Some examples of the types of typical household items that can be recycled are…

• Yoghurt pots
• Butter/margarine tubs
• Ready meal trays
• Shampoo bottles
• Shower gel bottles
• Bathroom/kitchen cleaner bottles
• Fruit punnets (but not the film or bubble wrap)
• The clear containers Chinese/Indian food often come in
• Milkshake bottles
• Meat trays
• Ice cream tubs
• Large chocolate tubs (Quality Street, Celebrations etc)

Just please make sure these are clean and free from any food or drink residue when you recycle them 🙂

For more information about recycling in Wrexham, please visit wrexham.gov.uk/recycling