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Menai Bridge repair works to commence amidst calls for a third crossing

WORK will begin next week on the Menai Suspension Bridge, initiating a significant repair programme. The preparation works, which kick off on Monday (August 14), aim to ready off-bridge areas for material delivery, access, and ensure smooth workforce movement around the site.

In light of these repairs, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Transport, Natasha Asghar MS, commented on the bridge’s significance. She stated that while the bridge is fundamental for local residents, it also remains an economic linchpin for Anglesey. Ms Asghar expressed concerns regarding the longstanding issues of the current bridges and stressed the pressing need for a third Menai crossing, a sentiment that the public has consistently echoed.

Importantly, the imminent works won’t necessitate traffic management measures. Both bridge lanes will remain accessible, albeit with a 7.5T weight limitation. Key actions during this phase include:

  • Erecting temporary site cabins near the mainland anchorage building.
  • Making arrangements for material storage in the Menai Bridge Small Layby.
  • Temporarily removing a section of fencing at the mainland bridge entrance.
  • Extracting the Thomas Telford Sunburst Gates for restoration purposes.

This substantial repair schedule encompasses the fitting of new permanent hangers and several maintenance tasks, such as the replacement of lighting and comprehensive painting of the bridge’s exterior.

The Welsh Government has carefully chosen the repair start date to limit summer holiday disturbances. The project is anticipated to culminate by the end of summer 2025.

Ms Asghar further urged the Labour party to re-evaluate their road building policies to ensure that the infrastructure the Welsh economy urgently requires is provided.