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Denbighshire North Wales

Rhyl RNLI volunteers from two lifeboats assist in incident at Rhyl harbour

ON the afternoon of Friday, 2nd February, at precisely 3:40 pm, both lifeboats were deployed following an urgent alert from the Holyhead Coastguard coordination centre. A distressing incident had occurred at the harbour entrance where an individual tragically fell over the railings, plummeting onto the rocky revetment wall below. In response, local coastguard volunteers, police, and ambulance services were swiftly mobilized to the scene.

The individual, an adult, suffered a fall of approximately two meters, landing harshly on the jagged rocks below, which resulted in numerous injuries. The inshore lifeboat crew was the first to arrive, quickly initiating critical casualty care for the injured person. They were soon joined by the all-weather lifeboat crew and the shore team, who arrived in the station’s Land Rover, all rallying to provide additional support.

Given the nature of the injuries, which included head trauma, administering pain relief was not an option. Efforts were concentrated on making the individual as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. A collaborative decision by the ambulance crew and the rescue teams deemed it safe to move the casualty onto the promenade, a maneuver that required the concerted effort of all agencies present. Following the successful transfer of the individual to the ambulance personnel, all units were subsequently released from the scene, with the lifeboats returning to their station by 5:00 pm.

Coxswain Martin Jones later reflected on the incident, emphasizing the seamless cooperation among the different agencies involved. “This incident once again highlights the effectiveness of multi-agency collaboration, ensuring the safe and efficient rescue of the individual from a perilous situation,” he remarked.

This event underscores the critical importance of the rapid response and expertise of our emergency services, whose dedication and teamwork continue to save lives in our coastal communities.