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Council receives plans for new housing in Wrexham village

The property at Tyn Y Coed, Chester Road, in Rossett (pic: Google Street View)

A PROPERTY with its own tennis court in a Wrexham village could be demolished and replaced with nine new houses.

An outline planning application has been submitted to Wrexham Council for the homes at Tyn Y Coed, Chester Road, in Rossett.

According to the applicants, the site is large enough and would be suitable for up to 10 houses.

A planning statement submitted with the application says: “The site currently has one house set in a large garden, with outbuilding and a tennis court.

“There is currently one vehicular access to the site, opposite a busy junction.”

As Rossett has a conservation area, a heritage impact assessment has also been submitted with the outline plans.

It states: “It has been demonstrated that Rossett Conservation Area has high significance.

“Chester Road has medium significance, there is a variety of built form and development, and Rossett Cottage and The Golden Lion, to the south of the site are of local interest.

“Rossett Hall to the north has significance as a Grade II listed building. The plot at Tyn y Coed has no significance and does not contribute to the character of the conservation area. The rear of the site is to open fields.

“The site comprises previously developed land consisting of a single detached house with tennis court and associated hardstanding for car parking.”

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According to the heritage impact assessment, the privately-owned property earmarked for demolition was built in the latter part of the 20th century as a large private house with tennis court and access off Chester Road.

It is modern with no special architectural or historical interest but the wall and the trees are important to this stretch of the road and contributes to the character of the conservation area.

Of the proposed development, the statement adds: “It would not introduce a form that is inappropriate to the urban village context, and a similar type of boundary is seen elsewhere in the conservation area, off Station Road and Chester Road.

“It would not disrupt the understanding of Rossett’s development pattern along Chester Road, which is an important feature of the conservation area. The site is relatively self-contained and will continue to be so.”

The planning statement adds: “The site sits in a sustainable location and is capable of housing nine new properties and one replacement dwelling.

“The indicative proposals included in the application evidence this. All final building positions, appearance and scale will be covered by reserved matters.”

Wrexham Council planners will make a decision on the application at a future date. If approved, further details are likely to be submitted seeking full planning permission.