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Inspectorate publishes report on Wrexham school

THE BEHAVIOUR of pupils at a Wrexham school is ‘exemplary’ according to the findings of an inspection report.

In November, the education and training inspectorate Estyn visited Bwlchgwyn CP in Wrexham and has produced a glowing report about the school, placing a particular emphasis on the good behaviour of its learners.

The report on the 106-pupil school states: “Bwlchgwyn CP School is a welcoming and inclusive school, which creates a positive atmosphere and ethos for pupils and staff.

“Pupils enjoy activities and tasks, and they are eager to learn during lessons. This is due to the effective working relationships that they develop with their teachers and other staff.

“All staff promote a high level of support and care for pupils in all aspects of school life, which encourages pupils to take responsibility for their own well-being. As a result, pupils’ behaviour is exemplary.”

One area the school could improve on according to inspectors is enabling staff to observe each other’s teaching skills.

The report adds: “Findings from such self-evaluation processes, as well as unforeseen factors such as the pandemic, are used well to inform the development of the school’s improvement plan.

“However, leaders do not identify, share and apply the most effective practices in teaching, noted in their monitoring processes, across the school.

“For example, the opportunities for staff to observe and share each other’s teaching skills are limited. As a result, the findings of leaders’ monitoring do not lead to purposeful professional learning opportunities for staff to improve aspects of their teaching.”

And the report notes that since the pandemic, attendance rates have dropped – but that the school is taking measures to address this.
The inspectors made a point of praising the behaviour of learners in the report.

It states: “Pupils are courteous and welcoming to adults and visitors and their behaviour is exemplary.

“Nearly all pupils show care and consideration for each other, collaborate exceptionally well and show respect for the contributions of other pupils. For example, older pupils create games to develop younger pupils’ physical and social skills as play leaders.”

The report adds: “Teachers and support staff know the pupils well and they respond with sensitivity to the pupils’ emotional and social needs.

“Through purposeful use of the extensive and very well-equipped school grounds, the school provides very good support for pupils’ physical and mental health and well-being.

“This supportive and warm atmosphere helps nearly all pupils to settle effortlessly into school life and it contributes significantly to their happiness in school.”

Three recommendations for the future were drawn up by inspectors after the visit;

  • Ensure that the school’s monitoring processes lead to purposeful professional learning opportunities for teachers and support staff.
  • Ensure that teachers are consistent in engaging pupils promptly in their learning across the school.
  • Ensure that the quality of teachers’ feedback targets the next steps in pupils’ learning consistently.

The school will draw up an action plan to address the recommendations from the inspection.