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LIGA’s Cork recycling scheme in Cardiff

In their endeavour to make a positive impact on the planet, LIGA have launched a new cork recycling scheme, putting waste wine corks to  good use. 

Known for their love of cork, sustainable homewares brand LIGA creates contemporary collections including placemats and coasters, trays, trivets, tableware, kitchen textiles and furniture. As well as providing sustainable options for home products, the team at LIGA strongly believes in encouraging people to work together towards protecting the natural environment.  The cork recycling initiative is a simple yet powerful way to contribute to a greener future. 

With 30 stores currently taking part in this recycling scheme, the idea is to simply take spent corks from wine bottles to the nearest participating LIGA stockist, where the corks are being collected. These corks will then be recycled into future LIGA products. 

LIGA are also pledging to plant Cork Oak trees as part of this initiative, to support the future of the cork forests. For every 100 kilos of cork collected, LIGA will plant a cork oak tree—an emblem of biodiversity preservation and a powerful weapon against climate change. 

“ I am so excited to be able to offer our recycling cork scheme – it is something I feel passionate about and have fought hard to achieve. Not only will the corks be recycled into products, but we will plant more cork oak trees in Portugal. It’s a win-win situation for everyone – so next time you crack open the wine, save the cork and when you have a few take it to your nearest collection point and join in on the big cork recycle – Cheers !” Jennie Elderkin, Founder of LIGA. 

Beti Biggs and Whim Wham are stores in Cardiff taking part in the scheme with owner Jan Williams commenting  “We are delighted to be taking part in the LIGA initiative to recycle corks into products. LIGA products are very popular in the shops. My customers like the ethos behind them and are particularly drawn to the fact that something beautiful is made from waste.” Jan continues “ I was surprised at how many people already save corks thinking that they must be recyclable. We’ve had several people empty their collections into our cork recycling collection bin. My son has a restaurant here in Cardiff and each time I visit, the barman gives me a big box of corks to add. Restaurants in our immediate vicinity have also been taking part.”

Cork is an incredible and sustainable material that has many uses, with this wonder natural resource continuing to ‘breathe’ and absorb C02 even once made into a product. Sadly, in recent years cork harvest yields have been diminished. With the hotter, drier summers being experienced, the resulting  lack of water is impacting the quality and thickness of the bark that can be harvested . This is why recycling is so important and one of the reasons it is important to plant more cork oak trees.

By collecting used corks, each person involved directly contributes to the reforestation and restoration of natural habitats, ensuring a greener and healthier world for future generations. By participating in this initiative, each contributor instantly becomes an essential part of the global effort to reduce waste and promote a circular economy.

Visit Loveliga.com to find LIGA Cork Recycling Partners  – there are currently 30 stores covering England, Wales, Scotland and Southern Ireland 

To recycle wine corks in Cardiff, visit: 

Beti Biggs and Whim Wham, 1 & 3 Romilly Crescent, Pontcanna, Cardiff CF11 9NP