AFTER an inch and a half of rain fell across Wales on Monday, one flood warning and 12 flood alerts remain in place today, Tuesday October 5.

In a four hour period on Monday night more than 200 calls were received across south and mid Wales. There was a flood at a care home in Porth and several people trapped in vehicles and properties which flooded during the night.

A yellow weather warning from the Met Office, which warned of heavy rain and high winds, ran from 5pm on Monday to 4am on Tuesday morning.

According to fire crews, they were “inundated” with calls until the early hours of the morning with incidents in Kidwelly, Neath, Pyle, Porth, Kenfig Hill. 
Sean Moody, of South Wales Fire and Rescue told BBC Radio Wales on Tuesday: “We were inundated with calls between 9pm and 2am. We received more than 200 flood calls on top of our normal calls.

“We attended every one of the incidents. We had slight delays but did get to every call over that four hour period.

“We had 70 properties affected with water entering and about six vehicle rescues.

“There was also an issue in Porth with a care home affected, and we had to clear some debris from a culvert.”

There were six reported incidents of people who had become stuck in their vehicles due to flood water.

Natural Resources Wales says the flood warning still in place is at Peterston Super Ely in Cardiff where a peak level of 1.71 metres occurred at 1am this morning (October 5).

Picture: Rose Voon