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9-year-old boy saved his mother’s life by calling 999 when she was in a diabetic coma

9 YEAR-OLD Harley Metz saved his mother’s life recently by raising the alarm when he found her severely unwell at home.

Harley, who is a member of St John Ambulance Cymru’s Aberdare and Foundry Town Badger programme, called 999 to request help for his mother Dana, who is type 1 diabetic and also had been struggling with a long standing dental pain.

Dana’s blood sugars had spiralled out of control one night in April as a result of complications relating to an infection in her mouth. Her airways had begun to close up and she was suffering severe pain and vomiting while Harley and his 4 year old sister slept.

Fortunately, she had discussed her diabetes with Harley and thanks the first aid knowledge gained from his St John Ambulance Cymru volunteer Badger Leaders, he was able to call 999, raise the alarm with a neighbour and also care for his little sister until help arrived.

Dana said: “That night we all went to bed normally. I was suffering with a swollen mouth and in pain, but thought nothing of it as I’d been through it for so long.

“Suddenly, I woke up and my stomach was in agony. I was screaming out in pain most of the night being sick. I was in and out of consciousness and remember just thinking I’d wait until the morning to get the kids to school and then I’d get help, not realising I didn’t have that much time.

Harley noticed something was wrong when his mother was still in bed at the time they would be leaving the house to go to school. He went into her bedroom to check on Dana and see if she needed help.

Dana added: “I was lying in bed barely breathing and I can remember him asking me if I was okay and did I need help. Somehow I managed to say I needed help and then I was out of it again. The next thing I remember is being loaded up into the ambulance.

“Harley had called 999 and he was incredible. He saved my life, took care of his 4-year-old sister, went to get a neighbour and he stayed calm. I am so incredibly lucky to be here and have Harley. He’s a really special little boy and he has so much ambition in life. He’s kind, caring, respectful and not to mention a real lifesaver. He’s my hero and my son.”

Harley Metz, who was dubbed a hero by his mum, and his little sister Davina

Dana was keen to stress the important role Harley’s experiences as a Badger had played in equipping him with the knowledge of what to do in a medical emergency.

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“Badgers is absolutely amazing for these children. First aid is extremely important for kids to learn, because look what happened. If Harley didn’t go to Badgers he wouldn’t have the knowledge he has. He has been a Badger for a few years now and he absolutely loves it.

“I’d also like to shout out to Maria Roderick, who works with the children at Badgers. She’s such an asset to them and goes above and beyond.”

Maria Roderick, Harley’s St John Ambulance Cymru volunteer Badger Leader added: “Because he attends Badgers, he knew what to do when his mother became unwell and he saved her life. I am so proud of Harley and am one proud Badger Leader.”

Dana is now recovering well and Harley continues to attend his local Badger Sett, adding to the lifesaving knowledge he has already put to use at such a young age.

If you would like to find out more about Badgers, which engages 5-11 year olds with a range of activities and experiences, please visit here.