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Pride event to celebrate LGBTQ+ community could take place in Gwent

Torfaen Civic Centre in Pontypool

A PRIDE event to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community in a Gwent borough could take place either this year or next, councillors have been told. 

Officers from Torfaen Borough Council’s equalities team have meet with people interested in staging an event, according to Cllr Peter Jones, who is the Labour council’s cabinet member for equalities. 

He told the full council’s June meeting: “Officers from the equalities team have met with community members to discuss the possibility of a Pride event either this year or next.” 

He said Caerphilly will be hosting a Pride event and there is also likely to be an event in Newport, which he would share details of with all councillors. 

The Cwmbran Two Locks councillor said: “I hope I can reassure members the council is committed to Pride.” 

Ahead of the meeting the independent councillor for Abersychan, Giles Davies, had stated on Twitter that he planned to call for a debate in council to support a Pride Event. 

He said he had missed a deadline for proposing a notice to the council but had put in in for July’s meeting. 

The wording shared by Cllr Davies called for the council to “support an LBGTQ+ Pride Event for Torfaen” and also said council should note the imporance of celebrating diversity and the challenges the community has faced and should “work towards creating a more inclusive society for all.”