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Taxi Driver’s smoking fine

A GWENT taxi driver has been fined after being spotted allegedly smoking in his cab.

As a result of a complaint received, licensing officers have issued the driver with a fixed penalty fine for breaking the smoking ban, first introduced in Wales in 2007, and updated in 2021, which makes it illegal to smoke in a vehicle that carries members of the public.

Torfaen council said it isn’t necessary for the vehicle to have been in use as a taxi or private hire at the time as all licensed vehicles are required to be smoke-free, and that licensed vehicles have the status at all times.

Members of the council’s licensing committee were told as yet the fine hasn’t been paid.

According to the legislation councils can issue £100 fixed penalty fined for smoking in a smoke-free vehicle which can be reduced to £75 for early payment.

Anyone issued a fixed penalty who disputes the offence can request a court hearing.