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TORFAEN: Protected trees removal

AN alder tree alongside a footpath and footbridge that is in daily use and at risk of toppling over is to be removed. 

The native tree’s branches are growing out of the Nant-y-Milwr stream in Henllys, Cwmbran and it feared it could fall as less than half of its trunk is now supported by the ground which has been eroded by the stream. 

As well as standing next to the public footpath and immediately next to the footbridge the tree is leaning towards the back of a house in Ashleigh Court and homeowner Hannah Price has been given permission to fell the tree, which she owns, and cut overhanging branches of the alder trees on the other side of the stream. 

The public footpath and footbridge are described a “used daily by members of the public walking their dogs and children walking home from school” and according to the application for permission to carry out the work the “fast flowing stream will eventually cause it to fall, risking damage to both property and to the public.” 

A tree protection order covering the trees at Ashleigh Court, The Oaks Development in Henllys was made in 1989 but Torfaen Borough Council planing officer Mia McAndrew wrote in her report: “The works are considered necessary, which would outweigh any harm to the amenity of the area in this instance.” 

A condition will limit the reduction in the crown of the overhanging branches to six metres from the ground.