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Corran Vale yet another case of take the money and run and profit put before people

The above-announced closure of the above care home in October is yet another example of the private care sector putting profit before the needs of the service users they are supposed to be providing care to and the staff that provide that care.

Our branch Unison Carmarthenshire County Branch and our members currently working at the Corran Vale are concerned about the distressing situation created by the company, which provides services to young and vulnerable individuals.

Despite their lofty claims and promises of creating a “life-enhancing environment,” it has become evident that Corran Vale has failed to meet the basic standards of care and what is most important to the company and the people who own it and run it is profit.

This company has received significant funding from local authorities and the Welsh Government and yet is now claiming that they will soon be losing money and that’s why they must close. We say to the company, open your books and show us where the profits have gone. Corran Vale has been a dormant company since 2020 so where did the money they received go?

Corran Vale’s website boasts of its “unique ethos,” which supposedly places the individual at the center of their care approach. They claim to pride themselves on hiring excellent staff and nurturing a family-like environment.

Their stated mission is to provide support to younger adults with various needs, offering tailored assistance and learning experiences with an element of fun. However, recent developments have exposed a stark contrast between these claims and the reality faced by staff and residents.

One of the most troubling revelations is that Corran Vale’s Director has failed to pay staff the real living wage, money was provided by the Welsh Government via the local authority to pay this. This failure has caused financial hardship for the dedicated staff members who work tirelessly to care for vulnerable individuals.

Furthermore, the local authority, considering these serious issues, has been forced to seek alternative services for the vulnerable individuals residing in Corran Vale.

The company’s impending closure on the 1st of October 2023 is a direct consequence of its inadequate management, ethical lapses and a take-the-money-and-run attitude.

This company has been paid millions of pounds of tax payers money as it has received public funding since it opened, This unjustified closure will have a knock-on on effect the wider community not just the residents and staff but suppliers and support services.

It is worth noting that Corran Vale’s sister company, Corran Dean, based in Worcestershire, continues to operate without such issues, raising questions about the management and practices at Corran Vale and where the money has gone.

Unison Carmarthenshire County Branch has been supporting members who have become victims of unlawful deductions from staff wages, a severe lack of leadership, and poor management within Corran Vale.

These issues have had a detrimental impact on the quality of care provided to the vulnerable individuals who rely on their services.

We strongly condemn Corran Vale’s actions, which have put the welfare and well-being of vulnerable individuals at risk. It is unacceptable that a company entrusted with the care of some of our community’s most vulnerable members has failed in its duties so egregiously.

Unison Carmarthenshire County Branch calls for a thorough investigation into the operations of Corran Vale and demands accountability for their actions.

We stand in solidarity with the affected staff members and vulnerable individuals who have been let down by this company’s negligence.

We will be calling on Unison to campaign to change the law in respect of how companies like this can simply close down and carry on business elsewhere leaving devastation in their wake.

We call on Welsh Government to implement a national nationalised care service where service users are the priority and staff are well paid with good terms and conditions and treated with respect.

Unison Carmarthenshire County Branch.