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Llanelli army veteran Richard Williams to stand in the Elli by-election “to send a message to Lee Waters”

Richard Williams, a British Army veteran and local dad, has been selected to stand as the Welsh Conservative candidate in the Elli ward by-election for Carmarthenshire County Council.

The by-election has been triggered by the resignation of long-term county councillor John Jenkins. 

Richard said, “It’s a real privilege to be selected to contest this by-election for the Welsh Conservatives. I’m not from a political background- but for years Llanelli has been forgotten about, by Labour and Plaid Cymru. Carmarthenshire has become a two-party state with Labour and Plaid, so it’s about time we had new voices in County Hall that will hold them to account. And after Lee Waters’ disastrous blanket 20mph speed limits, I thought enough is enough, I need to take a stand. 

“I was brought up for years in Raby Street, and my kids live in Stewart Street. I am passionate about Llanelli and I hope residents in Elli will lend me their vote, to send Lee Waters, Labour and Plaid a message. I won’t let them down.” 

Siôn Davies, former Elli ward councillor on Llanelli Town Council said, “I am delighted Richard is standing in this election. Richard isn’t a typical politician – but he’s served our country in the armed forces and he cares deeply about Llanelli. Our community would be very lucky to have someone like Richard representing us in the County Council.” 

When pressed about what Richard’s priorities are for Llanelli, he said, “First things first, if I am fortunate to be elected, it would be to tell Lee Waters and Welsh Labour Government ministers that we want them to scrap their blanket 20mph speed limits. They should spend the money on our NHS instead. But also, I want to secure investment for our town centre, with more free parking and reduced rates. And I want to crackdown on some of the antisocial behaviour we are seeing in People’s Park and the town centre.” 

The by-election is due to take place in March.