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Masked man jailed for threatening two Haverfordwest schoolboys with dog chain

A masked man who threatened two 16-year-old Haverfordwest schoolboys as he swung a heavy metal dog chain in their direction has been imprisoned by town magistrates.

Twenty-one year old Jamie Wilkinson approached the youngsters as they made their way down Peggy’s Lane, Haverfordwest, at around 6.20pm on September 1.

Wilkinson was masked and was carrying a metal dog chain.

“The children heard the defendant shouting at them,” Crown Prosecutor Kelly Rivers told Haverfordwest magistrates earlier this week.

  “They turned around and saw him walking towards them.  He asked the boys what they were doing there and started swinging the chain around in a circular movement.

“He screamed at the children to move, saying ‘I’m going to kick your ******* heads in’, and he was grinding his teeth.”

Ms Rivers then read out a victim impact statement which had been prepared by one of the victims.

“It’s made me really fearful for my family and I’m afraid to go out by myself,” read the statement.  “Whenever I’m in this area, I always make sure I’m protected by my family.”

Meanwhile probation officer Julie Norman informed magistrates that the offence marked Wilkinson’s second breach of a suspended prison sentence imposed on July 4, 2022.  The sentence was for 14 weeks in custody, suspended for 14 months.

Wilksinon, of North Court, Haverfordwest, pleaded guilty to a charge of using threatening, abusive and insulting words with intent to cause fear to the 16-year-old boys.

He was represented in court by Mr Tom Lloyd.

“This is an extremely sad day for Mr Wilkinson and he knows he’s going to be sent to prison,” he said.

“He’s an extremely vulnerable young man who, over the last few months, has been struggling with drug issues, however he’s not in a position to manage those issues.”

Mr Lloyd said that his drug habit extends back to April 2022.

“He’s extremely fearful about going to prison and is worried about what is going to happen there.  But he accepts that he’s done wrong.”

Jamie Wilkinson was sentenced to 24 weeks in custody.  He was ordered to pay a £154 victim surcharge.