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Opening hours at Milford Haven Library will not be reduced

OPENING hours at Milford Haven Library will not be reduced this year.

Hours at some libraries across the county are being cut back as Pembrokeshire County Council looks to cut costs.

At a meeting of Milford Haven Town Council on Monday, March 13, councillors heard from Mike Cavanagh, the council’s Head of Cultural, Leisure, Tourism and Registration Services, about the County Council’s plans. 

He said that whilst there would be no reduction this year, the situation will be reviewed again in 12 months time.

Mr Cavanagh added that this would give the Town Council enough time to assess its level of support for the library and to budget accordingly.

Eight Town and Community Councils currently support libraries in their area, either financially or through volunteering.

Discussions are ongoing with two other Town Councils regarding their support for the libraries in those areas.

A councillor asked if the Library in Milford could be moved to another premises.

Mr Cavanagh said that the County Council had been met with much resistance when discussing the idea in the past and added that this led to them negotiating a new lease with the Port of Milford Haven.

Another questioned the future of the mobile library but Mr Cavanagh spoke of its importance as it visits a number of rural areas and reaches some of the county’s most vulnerable citizens.

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He was also asked if a community library would be an option but Mr Cavanagh said this was more appropriate for smaller towns.

Mr Cavanagh thanked members and said he would return to a future meeting of the town council later in the year for an update.

The Town Council agreed that the Library should be considered at a future meeting.