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Research reveals Swansea as the city with the highest motivation to quit smoking

Reflecting on the past 12 months, new research conducted by Evapo reveals a list of the top 10 UK cities where residents are most committed to quitting smoking and Swansea came up on top. Annually, January marks a significant uptick in the UK, with searches about quitting smoking rising by 68% on average. This trend underscores the month’s importance in the nation’s collective effort to overcome smoking habits.

The following cities have emerged as the leaders in average monthly searches for terms like ‘how to quit smoking’, ‘stop smoking’ along with over 300 related terms:

  1. Swansea: 230 searches 
  2. Salisbury: 208 searches 
  3. Perth: 204 searches 
  4. Wrexham: 202 searches
  5. Stirling: 201 searches
  6. Hereford: 197 searches 
  7. Lancaster: 162 searches
  8. Durham: 161 searches 
  9. Dunfermline: 155 searches
  10. Londonderry: 154 searches

Average monthly searches per 10,000 population.

Swansea ranks number one as the city with the most searches on how to quit smoking with 230 average searches a month. 

On average, the UK conducted approximately 201,000 searches a month related to stopping smoking in 2023 with January being the month that most people seek help. Searches dip from May throughout summer which may suggest more needs to be done to support smokers in the warmer months.

The NHS has launched its annual quit smoking campaign for January featuring former England goalkeeper David James, who shares his personal journey to inspire the UK’s 5.3 million smokers to quit. As part of a groundbreaking initiative called the “Swap to Stop” scheme, the NHS plans to distribute vapes to 1 million smokers nationwide, offering vital support to those seeking to quit.

Notably, “NHS stop smoking” emerged as the most searched term, with a staggering 9,900 searches. Recent search trends reflect a diverse range of strategies employed by individuals looking to quit, with popular queries such as ‘what happens when you quit smoking and start vaping’, Allen Carr’s stop smoking book, hypnosis, patches, tablets, stop smoking services, and NHS stop smoking kits have garnered significant attention.

Andrej Kuttruf, CEO of Evapo commented on these findings “In the wake of the New Year, it’s inspiring to see a significant shift in attitudes towards smoking cessation across the UK. Our research highlights not just a general increase in the desire to quit smoking, but also pinpoints specific cities where this resolve is most prominent. In the last year, cities like Swansea and Salisbury, where we have opened new shops, have shown exceptional determination, leading the way in the search for effective quitting methods. This surge in interest, particularly in January, is a clear indication that people are seizing the opportunity of a new year to embark on healthier, smoke free lives.”

This surge in quitting-related activities aligns with the Government’s long-term vision for a smoke free future. The commitment is underscored by ongoing initiatives, legislative measures, and public health campaigns aimed at reducing smoking rates across the country.