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Bobcat unveils new range in the UK

BOBCAT has shown several new products for the first time in the UK at the LAMMA 2023 exhibition. Taking centre stage is the TL25.60 R-series telehandler.With a lifting capacity of 2.5 tonnes and a lifting height of up to 5.9 m, the new TL25.60 telehandler is the most compact model in the Bobcat range. John Christofides, Regional Sales Director for Bobcat EMEA s.r.o., said: “The TL25.60 may be super compact, but this model still has a full-size cab with the same dimensions as the cabs on the larger TL30.60 and TL30.70 models, which makes it the most spacious super-compact telehandler on the market today. At LAMMA, we will be showing the TL25.60 together with our top-of-the-range TL43.80HF agricultural telehandler.”

Also being shown for the first time in the UK is the CT2535 compact tractor, one of nine models that form part of the company’s new groundcare range. Alongside the CT2535 is the new MT100 mini track loader, which is on view for the first time in the UK at LAMMA.
Excellent Tool Carriers and Choice of Attachments

Another key aspect of the Bobcat stand at LAMMA is the company’s unrivalled range of attachments. The new CT2535, MT100 and TL25.60 are all excellent tool carriers, and Bobcat offers the advantage of the best in the industry regarding attachments available on these machines.

To illustrate the variety of attachment choice for the compact tractor range, the CT2535, being shown at LAMMA has a Front End Loader and a bucket as well as a Tiller attachment. To make sure all jobs get tackled, other compatible attachments include pallet forks, utility forks, utility grapples, mid-mount mowers, backhoes, box blades, rakes and seeders.

For the MT100, this new model has all of the attachments that were available on the previous MT55 model, plus a few additional attachments including the new Brushcat and Log Grapple attachments from Bobcat. It is the same for the TL25.60, where a full list of approved attachments includes grapples, augers, sweepers and snow blades.

Eight Agricultural Telehandlers with lifting heights from 6 to 8 m

With the new TL25.60 model, Bobcat’s R-Series agricultural telehandler range provides a choice of the eight models below with Stage V engines, covering maximum lifting capacities between 2.5 and 4.3 tonnes with lifting heights from 5.9 to 8 m:
Super compact and Compact models – TL25.60, TL26.60, TL30.60 and TL30.70
Large models – TL35.70, TL34.65HF, TL38.70HF and TL43.80HF

All Bobcat R-Series telehandlers offer a premium workspace with a state-of-the-art cab design. The new high-quality, contemporary interior of the cab features stand-out R-Series branding, colours and textures that clearly reflect Bobcat’s DNA. All surfaces have been optimized in the ergonomic design to offer increased space and visibility.

 Bobcat Compact Tractors to Suit Every Requirement

As part of the GME (Ground Maintenance Equipment) range, there are three Bobcat compact tractor platforms – 1000, 2000 and 4000 series – which feature nine new models designed to meet the needs of European customers. Each model varies in size and engine horsepower, with the option to choose between manual and hydrostatic transmissions, open canopies (ROPS) and cabs. The CT2535 cabbed model shown at LAMMA is part of the 2000 series.

Bobcat’s compact tractors can be equipped with front, mid and rear connections and power take-offs. The proven Bob-Tach system is standard on all front-end loader platforms, enabling users to easily switch attachments for multiple jobs, delivering greater value and versatility for their businesses.

As well as compact tractors, Bobcat’s innovative GME line-up includes zero-turn mowers and Ryan Turfcare equipment, supplemented by the company’s new MT100 mini track and small articulated loaders.

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Loaders Designed with Versatility in Mind

The new MT100 mini track loader and the company’s L23 and L28 small articulated loaders remove the need for manual labour, replacing wheelbarrows, shovels and hand tools across multiple ground maintenance applications. These machines are versatile tool carriers with a broad range of compatible attachments that enable contractors to maximize productivity and safety when undertaking ground maintenance tasks.

With a standard width of just 904 mm (increasing to 1045 mm with the Wide Track Option providing increased stability and lower ground pressure), the reduced dimensions of the new MT100 provide easy passage through narrow gates and doorways and facilitate work in confined spaces.