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CETMA to produce ‘Coming Out’ film

Making movie: Llanelli LGBT Support

CETMA (Community Engagement, Technology, Media & Arts) is a social enterprise that provides social engagement, training, health and well-being through the development of unique sustainable projects for individuals, organisations and businesses.

We asked Keith Evans, a CETMA project manager to tell us more about what CETMA was about:

“We are a not for profit organisation, run by volunteers such as myself. We run various projects, such as our PC3R recycling project, where we take old donated computers and recycle various parts to make a working computer. These are then donated to organisations that may need them.”

Keith continued: “We also run Llanelli Music Scene, which promotes local music. We are holding our first ever geek gathering for our geekly weekly project. We also run Wales Wildlife Watch which I think you have run an article for previously.”

CETMA is going to be making a film about people’s experiences when they have ‘Come Out’.

The aim of the video is to help those who are struggling or having problems with coming out. The film is part of CETMA’s Awards for All Wales funded project Llanelli LGBT Support.

Project Manager Keith Evans said: “This is the first film that we are doing for our LGBT support project. I hope that it will help many people to deal with the pressure and stress of coming out.”

Keith explained: “As part of the LGBT Support I came up with the idea of producing a coming out film, which I feel would have helped me, when I came out. My fiance feels the same way.

“My life has been through its ups and downs and now I feel like I can settle down and will be getting married in Castell Coch on Oct 31st this year. It makes me happy that both my family and my fiance’s family are both very accepting of a same sex marriage.”

Reflecting on his own experience, Keith told us: “10 years ago when I came out, it was quite a tough time for me, so I think by having such a video explaining to the world that it’s not as bad as you think, and that you can become and go on to do great things just by being yourself.

“We have contacted Nia Griffith to talk about her story who has agreed to take part in the film, along with many other individuals, but we do still need more people to help us by talking to the camera about their story.”

The video will include a number of LGBT people talking about their stories and experiences of coming out and how it impacted them, but more importantly how it impacted them long term in a positive way.

CETMA is looking for individuals who would be interested in talking about their experiences to the camera.  If anyone is be interested, please email [email protected] to arrange a filming day and time.

If anyone would like to volunteer for the project or find out more then please email [email protected] visit https://www.facebook.com/LlanelliLGBT