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Duchess of Cambridge is Wales’ top beauty icon

Investigating better nails: Sherlock Holmes
Investigating better nails: Sherlock Holmes
Investigating better nails: Sherlock Holmes

NEW research conducted by SensatioNail has revealed that the Duchess of Cambridge is Wales’ beauty queen of choice. Helen Mirren and Joanna Lumley closely follow as joint second favourite. The research was conducted in honour of London Fashion Week when less likely fashion icons were seen sporting fashionable pink nails.

The females of Wales have affirmed not having your nails painted or having chipped polish is the ultimate fashion faux pas. More than three quarters of women in the region made this claim (76%). Wales favourite polish choice is nude, almost a quarter (24%) of the region said this is the best shade.

Passers-by were surprised to see iconic figures in London getting into the spirit of London Fashion Week and glamming up for the event. Fashionista Beau Brummel, Sherlock Holmes, Roosevelt and Churchill were just a few of the icons who polished up in honour of the biggest fashion and beauty event of the year.

It could be time to take heed of the heroes’ example, as much of Wales is not reaching its full polish potential. Despite 77% of women in the region owning up to 15 nail varnish shades, more than half say they barely use them.  Eight in ten women even admitted they have forgotten about many of their old nail polishes and never use them!

New SensatioNail Polish to Gel Transformer may have the answer.  This home manicure kit enables you to mix any nail polish with a liquid that transforms it into modern gel. A perfect solution for the 27% of women in Wales who said they abandoned some of their polish because it chips easily and doesn’t apply well.

When SensatioNail asked women from Wales what the top beauty developments in the last decade were a quarter said gel polish.

Geraldine Davis, European Marketing Manager at SensatioNail says: “It was great fun to give some of our most iconic statues a polish for London Fashion Week.  We are really excited about the launch of our new Polish to Gel Transformer.  Our research showed how popular gel nail varnish is with women so we have listened to them!  Launching this innovative new product means we are giving women all over the UK the ability to get that salon finish at home, using all of their favourite nail polishes.”