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Embrace your inner child

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.16.47ON WEDNESDAY (Jul 13), National Trust Wales launched a summer campaign with the aim to encourage adults to embrace their inner child and get involved in wholesome activities. 

The National Trust Campaign comes as a direct result of a pan-Wales survey that asked adults what they missed most about their childhood.

The survey found that 53.9% of adults in South West Wales haven’t rolled down a hill in more than 16 years, with 6.8% having never rolled down one at all.

52.6% haven’t built a den and 46.6% haven’t climbed a tree in the same number of years.

When asked what they most missed about being a child, 53.9% of adults claimed having no responsibilities was the most coveted memory, whilst 49% said being outdoors best described their childhood playtime.

From climbing trees and jumping waves to building dens and rolling down hills, this summer National Trust Wales has a jam packed schedule with activities for your inner child.

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To help reminiscent adults plan their play dates, National Trust Wales has created a check list of the eleven most missed activities so they can leave watches and tablets at home, phones on silent and lose track of time this summer.

Justin Albert, Director of National Trust Wales, said: “Every adult will have fond memories of playing care-free outdoors as a child, but many might feel too responsible to have fun in the same way as a grown-up. We are inviting people of all ages to release the child within and make the most of the great outdoors. We have loads to offer at our special places across Wales so we want everyone, whatever their age, to organise a National Trust play date with their friends and family members this summer holiday.

“By going on a play date, you won’t just be having fun and enjoying quality time with your nearest and dearest, you’ll help us maintain some of Wales’ most special buildings, landscapes and coastlines.”

And for those still not convinced Merideth Gattis, Professor from Cardiff University School of Psychology, commented that the benefits of play are ageless. Gattis said: “Play, leisure or recreation – no matter what you call it, we all need time away from work and other duties. Leisure activities can reduce anxiety and increase well-being. Moreover, outdoor leisure activities offer an extra boost for well-being over indoor leisure activities. Outdoor activities, like going for a walk, flying a kite, or rolling down a hill, are all good ways to chase away the to-do list and help us suspend our sense of time.”