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Expecting parents can get proactive for V’Day

Birthing Your Way: Birthing Class
Birthing Your Way: Birthing Class
Birthing Your Way: Birthing Class

A BIRTHING workshop to help expecting parents get over their fears surrounding giving birth is taking place in Meidrim Youth Hall, Carmarthenshire which aims to prepare mothers by giving teaching them natural birthing skills.

Birthing Your Way, the workshop running on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14) from 10am – 4pm by organisers Staci Sylvan and Linda McDermott, will give confidence to new parents-tobe.

Staci Sylvan (Birth and postnatal doula, breastfeeding supporter) and Linda McDermott (Maternity and Baby Yoga teacher) have come together to help parents explore how to have a positive and fulfilling birth experience and an easy transition into parenthood.

Staci is a recognised Doula UK Birth and Postnatal doula. Doulas support mums and dads during pregnancy, birth and early parent hood, She said: “Research has shown that support from a doula can shorten labour length, reduce the need for medical pain relief and c/s and increase breastfeeding.”

She told the Herald: “Birth is a wonderful and life changing event and also one that needs thought and careful planning. Birthing Your Way is a one day workshop to help expectant parents express and work through their fears surrounding birth, to become empowered and inspired by learning natural birthing skills.”

Staci has supported families trying for vaginal birth following caesarian section, breech birth, hospital and homebirth.

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Linda is a Maternity and Baby toga teacher with over 15 years experience, she is also member of the Association for Yoga Studies and has trained with Active Birth and is committed to helping parents have a fulfilling and gentle birthing process.

The next Birthing Your Way on Valentine’s Day costs £50 for the six hour-long session and is suitable for parents in their third trimester.

A previously attendee of the workshop said: “Dan and I both really enjoyed the workshop, we both felt like we learned too much! I feel more confident about bringing our new little life into the world and definitely feel happier knowing the Dan knows some practical things he can do to help.”

To find any more details or to book your space email: [email protected]